Wednesday, 16 December 2015

I probably should stop lie

About my age. I have been saying that I am 23 or 25 for about 5 years now. 
Truth is today I have turned 30. 

(these beauties are from my boys)

And it scares me! It's one of these scary milestones that you are not in your care free twenties and really should have achieved stuff in life... I think I just thought I will have more things to prove that I am adult. 
I am married. Very serious thing to do. But we never are too serious. 
We have this amazing toddler running a riot! Now that's a great thing to prove that you are an adult! But then again if I will be too serious I wouldn't be me at mumming! 
We just bought a house. Now that an insanely grown-up thing to do but then again I wasn't really involved in the buying more in picking.
Maybe I am over-thinking this... I won't be a stereotype they all expect form a 30 year olds...  
It's my birthday today! Yay!!
From becoming older I just hope to become better person. But at the moment my brain is still recovering from having made a baby. I just want to be more zen... 

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