Tuesday, 15 December 2015

New home or why I hate moving in December

Second year in the row we moved in December. Worst time ever!
I have complicated relationships with December. I always worked in hospitality so for everyone it is most wonderful time of the year for us it the busiest time of the year. It's mad! And by the end of that I really can't be bothered with all the Christmas thing and especially not the new year. I have seen too many drinks on that holidays. If it was in. Russia then yes please let's have New Year's party but here no no and no again. But for me December it is also my birthday. It is hard to get friends to come in due to Christmas parties for they are away so I would rather not celebrate sometimes. I know it is no one's fault but I do feel very needy and very alone when my peeps can't make it. But I understand!
So last year we also moved from Brum back to Wales.... It all went terribly wrong with the rental so when I was supposed to plan holidays and enjoy my 4 month old looking at the Christmas lights for the very 1st time I was running around Cardiff looking for a place!

This time me and a little man went to Russia while daddy got the keys to our lovely home....  He did the amazing job with moving. He came to meet us and was telling me how Ikea stuff didn't arrive and how I will have tones and tons to unpack. Imagine my shock and outer delight when I saw all the rooms done, all the furniture in place and assembled. That monkey engaged family and friends to help him out on our another epic December move...

And then he was back to work, We were jet legged... and boxes had the best of me. 

I find December tiring. I like the Christmas in the air and pretty lights. But Cardiff is a small city and the weekend are unbearable. There is also a matter of my birthday the day when I want to have a party but most of people are super busy with going away or have previous engagement with office parties.... 

So we are still have boxes to unpack. It is impossible to do with a toddler...

But we are in the house we can finally call a home. 
December sucks for me... last two years we had a stress to move and unpack. But this year is was lifted of me by my lovely husband.. and no he is not making me write that! 

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