Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Body remembers

We are all in the know that when it comes to running and races I am a bit crazy... So here is my other crazy, not only I have barely trained before the Mo running race I also was flying with a toddler to middle of Russia... 

I have actually participted at the very 1st Welsh Mo Run... It was so small. Like super small. About 300 people or even less. There was only the 10K event.It was nice. I thought I did get the PB at that point. I was just starting out running. But the result didn't reflect that. They actually recounted them after and I was super fast that time. 

This year it was massive! So many people. Not like say Cardiff 10K, but so many people! And two distances, amazing! A mate of mine did the 5k and I haven't seen you Luka! It's been too long by the way and you haven't met the Egg man. 
Actually this race was made possible by my amazing Mother in Law who was on the Egg watch. And took some of these awesome pictures. Check out these naked man photobomb! 

Just before the start I met an awesome lady who just took up running! she was aiming to finish in about 80 minutes. I think it is awesome that she've chosen the longer and harder distance! Amazing job. I did tell her about my super pals in Nike Running Cardiff. Some of whom I have actually met just before the start. These guys are awesome and super fast!

And some how.... I was super fast too. I really felt it... It was super hard. I knew I messed up my pace. I did not think I would get the PB... But I have finally beat the hour mark! 59 minutes! Body remembered and just did it. 

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