Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mum v Identity

Some of you might know that I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up... So I sort of always had an identity crisis. When I fell pregnant I thought "Oh nothing will change!"... yeah right! That so well I don't want to say naive.... but yeah totally is.

I struggled a lot with becoming a mother. Do not get me wrong motherhood is the most awesome thing ever! But going through the change, having some one coming out of you is ... well extraordinary and so very challenging. I had a slight baby blues but luckily I was over that fairly quickly. But then I had hard time calling my self a mummy, or refer to Egg Man is my son.

So I prefer mama, and that seem to make a difference. Feels more fun! Mummy is too traditional, too sweet, then mama is different and fun. Yes, I thought about this for a while.

It is hard not to be just mama.. Especially if you are staying at home with mini me. All you become is mama. It is great if you can shift the baby weight and are socially active, but what if you are struggling with these things? or what about that horrid stigma on breastfeeding in public? (I found it very difficult, not only because Edgar wouldn't latch on straight away but also because of being out).

One thing made me usual happy self was running... when I run I am not a mama, or just mama, I am a runner! I am unbeatable (just by faster people) I can run 10k in 59 minutes!

Also what is the deal with being  "oh I am just a mum"... We should stop saying that! It is super hard work, not matter how you go about doing it, we are superheros! We are mamas!! 

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