Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Time flies

I simply cannot believe we are in Christmas mode already. The year just few by... And when I look at the little man sometimes I just do not understand where my tiny baby gone and who replaced him with this toddler?! 
Look just how grown up he looks at this photo 

I never felt like "oh I'm so sad my baby grows up so quickly" I am excited that he learns new things becoming a small individual with his own personal tastes. And then I blink and he looks so grow up!    I actually don't remember what it was like when he was just a little baby. I might have just blocked this out, who knows... Or maybe it is just a lack of sleep! 
Have you seen these parenting motivation pic? Like if you are not crazy you are not doing it right?
I am totally bananas now. So crazy that after no training what so ever (I maybe been out for a run 3 times since Cardiff 10K) I'm doing the Movember 10k this Sunday and then on Monday little man and I are travelling to snowy and cold Russia...
Think motherhood made me unstoppable 

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