Thursday, 1 October 2015


You might already know that I love the monthly subscription boxes. However I have cancelled my much loved Little Box. It was sad but had to be done, my drawers are full of stuff I don't have time to use. Or even energy. Being a Mombie (it's a real thing!) last thing I want to deal with make up and such.
But husband pointed out these little things make me happy so I though I give something else a go... And here we are 
Fun idea, box of goodies for your little one depending on how old they are getting and such. It's nice. They also offer great introductory discounts, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages. But I think I found it is a bit strange like some one else picking up stuff for your preciouse little one and it is a bit too much money for my liking. 
Don't get me wrong they send great stuff, but I needed up with more stacking cups... But grown up cup will be super useful and I always use the bowls from Munchkin. The cutlery set solved my future dilemma and Egg totally loves his new bath toys... And this fun guy 

But the feeling of something arriving gone away after £30 monthly and that weird feeling of some one butting in your child's toy buying... 
So i have been trying to cancel the account. And that's when I got really unhappy. 
It took me few attempts to get b touch with some one, there was no option on the website. And then they have emailed me that we are still getting the next box due to their cancellation policy. I didn't even think twice about that since Birchbox and My Little Box were so easy to start and cancel. I guess I should have looked into that in more details. Silly me but I am not impressed. We were meant to get like a gadget box or a mainly box of some sort for a change. 
Over all good idea but ... Strange and too much cash. Give it a try but beware of the cancellation policy. 

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