Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A good day mumming

Yesterday was a good day! Firstly we managed to nap for decent amount of time (read more than 40min). Then I discovered that Amber necklace  for little one has arrived. We are giving it a try, it won't make things worst. It's super cute and from Baltic source, I got it from Etsy

(and Edgar had some jelly... it also was amazing!)

Out pool adventures have improved. I guess it has something to do won't is being on holidays for such a long time and haven't attended the swimming classes that Egg Man decided he doe t like it much... But slowly we are improving! 
And then in the park we met Emily and her Russian mum Kate! It's so cool to meet some one just out of the blue and I think we will get along well! 
As I mentioned previously mothers need other mothers... Not only to keep us  being alto to communicate to other adults but to keep us sane... 
Oh and I won some tea from Pukka teas!

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