Friday, 28 August 2015


Babies are wierd.... They come out bright red and screaming.... and then they will be in you heart forever. 
Earlier this month our little Egg turned one! 
He was so small....

And now he is so much more fun and interesting....
Here is he is trying to eat or kiss his little egg toys... Too cute!

We had a small get together, with barbie, fun and lots of attention for little man... so he didn't nap and was super grouchy when we took the cake out. Well he actually had a full on cry! Perhaps we got the wrong kind of cake.... or maybe he resented the fact that it wasn't his actual birthday. His birthday was a day after. We went to Wagamama... and Edgar had his own food.... Which he didn't eat much... Do not think we are ready for restaurant food just yet... But it will be nice when he will.

It was strangely emotional realising that my baby got older.... And that we were parents for over a year now. ... come to think of this again.... It is MAD!! 

(Oh and this photo is a little tradition... we have one just like that on the day we were going home from the hospital)

And all I feel.... apart form tired.... is love! A lot and lot of Love! 

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