Friday, 2 October 2015


So I am Russian. I will be getting British passport next year so I had to get a visa to go on holidays with family to Portugal this weekend. 
It's proven to be very difficult. Hard to find the website, then it was all in Portuguese. So took me absolute forever but the appointment I could get was this Tuesday when we fly on Saturday.... I really didn't think I would be making this holidays....

However.... The lady who I had interview with was very helpful and I had my passport with new shiny visa just few hours later. 
To be honest all the staff in Consilate General were very helpful. Even if you had to wait for a bit but everyone were leaving very happy. 
And I also had an interesting day out. I had an protein juice thing from this place... As we know juicing is in right now.

Then I wondered around the shops. Couldn't really go very far.... So Antropologie fun, I just want to live in that shop. Or buy everything! So many wonderful things they have. 

Then wondered in Carnaby street. 

Check out these awesome light-bulb as decorations! 
Mama also had some sushi from Itsu and Wasabi... Wonder why there isn't either of these in Cardiff. We have lots of burger places why not sushi chains too?
But the bus journey proved all too much for me, was so totally exhausted after....
But holidays here we come!!! 

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