Thursday, 31 December 2015

New me bs

Well here we go I am doing this! I am making resolutions... No I am setting goals for new year. Goals are better then resolutions, more achievements rather and absolute pants! 
Well I don't think I know anyone who actually managed to keep up with theirs. Neither have I! Well I only made these one year, it's in right of the beginning of this blog. 

Taking my birthday meltdown into considered I think setting goals is more achievable than resolutions. And it doesn't sounds so dramatic!
So I only hope to achieve few things in the new year. 
I want to go back to work. Just so I can have some adult conversation and Egg man can spend time with children and other people. 
I want to loose a bit of flab. Hate to admired by my mother by saying that I got fat is actually right. I am rather cuddly . I also want to get as fitter as I can be because in the end of the year I want to start growing a new life:)
With regards of getting back into a real life and work I want to do something different so retraining is definitely something I looking to achieve in the new year. 
And the general serenity in life. All aspects of it. Just chill and be nice! It has been brought to my attention that I have been rather mean to people... I do hope I will be able to achieve this. 
So here we have it. I am giving in into this ba of a new me! But it is more of things j would like to do next year, not resolutions. 

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