Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Oh I love Animation


Oh nothing makes me feel so good... But the good ones, not sponge bob. Please I have taste.
Lately my favorite Disney's things are... 

It is very cute and funny. As usual love wins and the big evil ends up dead!

Princess and the Frog

with Cajun flare and lots of jazz!

Lately I have been watching a lot of Studio Ghibli cartoons. Working throw the hole lot of them. They are delightful... and so cute. Husband says they are not futuristic and kind of lame, I say he has no taste!

How can you not love this cutie pie?
I also watched Howl's moving castle not doubt with just subtitles. It is like a whole new film, but it is still very nice... Howl's transformation is more touching. 

Cartoons make me happy. It's my another happy place, the made up world full of colour and magic!
Simply delightful!

From the latest releases I did enjoy Rise of the Guardians... Hugh Jackman as an Easter bunny, and Santa with tattoos... can this get any better?!

Just try to watch a good cartoon when you feel down it will cheer you up! I can guarantee it!

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