Friday, 15 February 2013

Cineworld vs Odeon

So when we moved to Bath I was devastated to find out that there is no Cineworld.... 

But good thing there is an Odeon. I never been to one until we went to see Django unchained with hubby few weeks back. 

I was surprised about the seating allocation, and how narrow the seats are...

Speaking of Django, so pleased that Christoph Waltz got a Bafta as best support actor!

I did not really give it much of a thought at the time it was until I came in today to see Beautiful Creatures... I was seating next to other people in a half empty screen... there was no leg room. Do not forget I am only 5ft all imagine how my hubby would feel with all his 6'1 ... I mean I understand to give the seats when the cinema is packed, but not the half empty one!? The screen itself was not very big... Also the staff were so grumpy and not very friendly  Lovely people at cineworld were much happier and easier to deal with... Also if you want people to wait in the waiting area would be great to have more then 3 chairs! 

I am really not happy... But the film was good, despite some emo kid sitting right next to me with his massively long legs in skinny jeans... 

So people who are in charge of Odeon in Bath... Sort it out! Make it more user friendly! I mean £9 a ticket.. come on! Customer service and make it happy place!

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