Saturday, 23 February 2013

clothes... fashion.. my love

I never wanted to be like everyone else...
Back home in kind of post soviet and in tradition of saving money there were always second hand places... And I always did some customizing, besides it is super fun.. but somehow I stopped doing this... I m hoping to get back my creative hat on! Besides there are so many people who truly inspire!

the amazing Alisa 

The crafty Emma and Elsie from Beautiful Mess

I think if there was a cyber space I can live in for few days I would say it would be definitely A beautiful mess blog. With all the delis cocktails and cakes!

And I love Kirsten and her glittery creations!

By the way this dress is made of curtains!! How cool is that! Up-cycling!

Well for now I just try to make the best of what I have ... 

Dress is second hand, jacket vintage and customized badly... 
Cannot wait for warmer weather to wear this bad boy again! 
I also very much looking forward to have some days off together so I can go investigate local vintage shops... And I just have been ebay shopping.
My very small feet fit better into vintage shoes... 

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