Friday, 22 February 2013

Onion soup

I miss having the veg delivery from lovey people at Riverford, they do deliver in Bath so I'm singing back on!

But we did have a lot of organic onions hanging about our pantry, so we spend our early morning making onion soup. Well there is however a bit of the problem with cooking onion soup from organic onions... these guys are so so strong!! I was weeping over the chopping board and had to give up in the end.

It also took quiet a while to cook the soup... but it was delicious! Lovely really hearty. We used as a basis this this recipe from Nigel Salter... Oh how I love his cooking show, just so pretty!

However we did add some garlic, and used red wine and chicken stock. Also few dashes of balsamic vinegar were added for extra sweetness.

I do think the trickiest thing was not to stir the onions, you have to let them be soft lightly brown and caramelized  That's the best kind!

I say give this a try, it was extra special with cheese baguette to dunk into it... Yam yam!

One of many perks of having hubby off work, he wants to cook! a lot:) That is why 1st thing today I go to the gym!

Reflecting on the whole experience of cooking the onion soup...Well try not to cry, and it was surprisingly rich and filling. Something to do the the cheesy baguette me think:)

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