Sunday, 17 February 2013

random things found in Bath

Thank you camera phones for helping us remember all these fun things we saw. 
I do enjoy sharing these things with everyone...

So this pink thing is in a window of art gallery in Bath.

This awesome vintage car was park just near our house. I would love to have one of these... I guess I will have to learn how to drive 1st

On my break from work I wondered down to Waterstone's... This book caught my eye. It's is such a fun and geeky idea!

Bling-tastic belt! Holla!!
Bit trashy for me but really fun accessory...

I actually want this Owl art thing... Look how cool and so delightfully Victorian this thing is

Is a fish? Is it a glove? A very small hat?? 

First time I left our new home in Bath and saw this retro beauty... 
I think I really need to learn how to drive!

Timer... Almost bought this little guy since he looked so lonely!

Christmas tree graveyard... Holidays were over then

Moomins cookbook? what? Oh you crazy Finish people!

If you need a whisk why don't you have a whisk with Gorilla in it?! Really why not!

I really do not think any one will be using these are graters.... They are just too beautiful. 

This is my collection of randomness from Bath from January to mid February.. Hope you've enjoyed!

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  1. I love the moomins! Tagged you and your lovely blog in the Leibster blog award thing :) x


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