Monday, 25 February 2013

Beautiful beautiful dresses... Oscars

Oh the glamour and the glitz of the tiny golden men awards... Oscars!!

I have recently been too tired but I woke up to this news... So please for lovely Jennifer Lawrence! She gave such a touching acceptance speech

I mean if you do take a tumble on the awards show it better be Oscars!
And what an amazing dress!
Fresh, young and very natural... 

 She just looks so beautiful, small understate jewelry and this gorgeous full skit in lovely fresh colour! Dream of award ceremony really! 

And my so very favorite Anna Hathaway... Doesn't she look just like Audrey Hepburn of modern world?

Loving her hair too! 
Knowing that she did so amazing in Les Miserable I am actually willing to watch this film!

My other favorite looks were:

With an amazing Lauren Bacall blond locks Reese Witherspoon.
And what a lovely gown, she looks very sophisticated. Blue is definitely her colour

Another amazing Oscar and proper Hollywood hair is Jessica Chastain. 
Vintage look suits her very well. I just can't help but think of her in Lawless.

And another amazing dress.

Now, AmyAdams' dress is a dream. Like Carrie Bradshaw in Paris... 

Somehow very traditional OTT Oscar gown.
I also absolutely adored Kelly Osborne's look

But then again, I am a bit biased when it comes to her. I just think she's fabulous. With all the tattoos and purple hair! 
Once again Miss Osborne makes me feel happy just looking at her, beautiful gown, simple jewelry  lovely hair and make up..

But then I saw Kirsten Stewart... 

I do not want to be mean or anything... But what's with the hair? It's Oscars, darling! You cannot just roll out of the bed. It's a grand event... And hair is very unfortunate. 

Also perhaps this is a bad angle but this dress does nothing for her. She's a beautiful young woman, but you really cannot see this. But koodos to her for arriving on crutches!

Other dresses I though were a bit strange are
Kelly Rowland in this black and white number

Very uncertain about the slit. 

Zoe Salanda

I guess these raffles break this dress. I supposed if it was not with splash of colour then it would seem like a wedding dress. But these shades of gray...

Anyway, I could not be happier with results. 
People that I wanted to win won, and deservedly so.

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