Wednesday, 6 February 2013

This amazing feeling...

Finally after 2 long months I am back in the gym!!!!

In December with lots of work I simply did not have any time for the gym.. I know it doesn't take long or much time but I just didn't have any energy left. Work sucked it all out of me...

January was the month of moving to England...So then I had to see what's where and how much they want. Have to say after paying £15 per month paying more is strange. 

But my new gym has a pool! I will be going to swim... Well that is the plan really:) also one great excuse to go shopping for a swimming costume.
Also I do want these....

The day after induction I woke up with muscular pain... So happy! I feel better already and I started eat better. Some how I always become very conscious of what I eat when I exercise.
A lot of miso soup that make me super happy

Speaking of miso soup... Is there an Asian food supermarket in Bath? Anyone?

And I feel like a super woman again! Love this feeling...

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