Friday, 1 February 2013

reunited with world wide web!

Being back online is like being brought back to life! I spend most of the day online chatting about rubbish with my mother, and then with my mother, aunt and uncle together. It was almost like being back at home in Chelyabinsk, but you know, virtually.

That is one of the cool new museums Chelyabinsk has... 

For hubby being back online means he can play his video games and watch wrestling. Cannot believe he missed like 4 weeks of it. Poor guy been avoiding his brother’s calls, just in case he would tell him anything… But he is back in the world of mine craft, so he’d DND.

All the devices been updated, everything works just great!
Catching up with blogging and blog reading… Oh just check out these beautiful posts!

from here

this exciting tomato beauty is from here!
Oh how I love Elsie and Emma!

And once again... everything brilliant is simple... just add some vision. 
From here
And then there are these beauties 

by our lovely Mellissa....

But then again… Makes you think on dependable we are on technology… Remember the plot of the last Die Hard with lovely lovely Justin Long in. Can we be without internet?

I sure prefer to have it! 

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