Sunday, 19 April 2015

Oh now I like WWE

Ticking the boxes of great wifey and girlfriend we took the boys to see WWE in Motorpoint in Cardiff last weekend.
Frankly I was in for a night out and didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. 
We firstly left the baby boy with his Granny, and went for lunch.. Or what would you call lunch and dinner combined? Marvellous lobster been had by most of us! Oh I am a big fan of Burger & Lobster! Actually happened to be there two days in a row.... 


Hubby been trying to get me into wrestling for years! Actual year, but I was never paying much attention, maybe to skimpy diva outfits and beautiful abs here and there. 

I guess with arrival of WWE Network Steve got me watching all sorts. I really enjoyed the Legends' House. So much fun! But going back to the actual show... 

As much as Stephen keeps saying how big wrestlers are you do not get it until you see one not too far away from you. These dudes are huge! It was very fun and just the amazing atmosphere, kiddies love it! I think its kids that made it for me really... 


Well this awesome chap actually said how great the crowd always is in Cardiff! Lots of love to you too

I hope the little one will take on Daddy and uncle's love for wrestling, these guys are good role models. Even the "evil" characters:) 
You know how there are so many sport people that have been doping and such,it 's all over the news. But yes in wrestling there are also dark sides but now it's all vanilla... if you like! Like some people have not been inducted into hall of fame due to their career choice after wrestling. They have actually made an amazing thing for one special boy, Conner. He got an award and every time this is shown or mentioned I weep.

The amazing charity work WWE do is ... well amazing! 
  These people are amazing athletes and performers, and I would be thrilled to bits if my little man would chose to love it as much as his dad and uncle do!  

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