Saturday, 11 April 2015

Play in the kitchen

When I met Steve all I could do is not a very nice pasta and pancakes .. I'm sure I could have done more but it was just me so I was not interested in spending much time in the kitchen... 
How things have changed! Like yesterday for example I have spend an hour making purées for little man. 
Today I was making one amazing tomato salad:) 

On that way it has been inspired by Raymond Montblanc, catch it him in iplayer on Kew on a Plate. Such a fun program. 
Then before that I was inspired by my friend Nourishing Chloe. She made these crunchy chick peas... I took her method and used it on corn instead. Came out a hit chewy. Our rented oven is not great! Like really not great!

But want I am really enjoying at the moment are the smoothies! With spinach or kale... With something added for sweetness like mango or banana or frozen berries. 

Cooking is easy! I wish some one would have told me is before:) 

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