Thursday, 2 April 2015

Statement.... Christmas tree

So I guess you all heard about the statement jewellery.... Statement necklaces, statement earrings and such... 
Especially after Oscar! God! Statement necklaces everywhere... Like EVERYWHERE!!!! Didn't dig just love the Scarlett Johansson Versace number

 or Kate Blanchett

Well this is actually one of very few fashion things I cannot do... Well I am getting there. 
However you cannot have these beauties with a small child 

Also one must have a very long beautiful neck for these and either time to do your hair or have smart short style. 
Oh how I miss my short hair sometimes... But think it might be harder in the long term.

Anyway, I love the idea. It's like having ruby lips and no make up at all on the eyes. One accent, very tasteful. Like Particia Field styling of SJP in my ever so favourite Sex and the City: either big in top or bottom. It is the winning formula really. 

But with jewellery I have a different approach... Wear what makes you feel comfy and reflects your own personality. I truly am a big fan of Zoe & Morgan. I used to wear my Isis earrings almost everyday! 

I miss them truly, but with some keeps pulling on my hair, I do not want to have my piercings pulled out by a very strong little boy! Same goes for my tons of little chains, then beads and then some... Like a Christmas tree! Love my accessories... But motherhood is dangerous.... 

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