Thursday, 16 April 2015

Woman in Gold

It appears that I am not very familiar with work of Gustav Klimt...

I suppose if I prefer the impressionist and Van Gough to anything else... well here are few of my favourite painting... 

Starry night Van Gough 1889

Blue Dancers Edgar Degas

Last day of Pompeii Karl Briulov

Haystacks Claude Monet

Yes I know it is very mainstream... and not original... oh and this one by August Renoir 

But I also enjoy films about the art... Hated Girl with Pearl Earring by the way, but I loved Monument men and just been to see the Lady in Gold. (or maybe it is the only films about WWII I can watch?!)
No matter what my favourite podcast said, well it wasn't Kermod's review so I would like another opinion, I truly enjoyed it!
Dame Helen Mirren is just so believable.... but then I thought why did her character remained her Austrian accent, then it hit me, she still spoke German with her husband.... things like that took my mind off the Nazi horrors. 

Thinking back about the film, it is the one I would like to have on DVD or blue ray and I so totally disagree with Stand ins for Wittertainment! Wife character was ok, believable apart from her bump prosthetic! We wives like to support our hubbies and when one is preggers we can be rather irrational!
So in few words, I really enjoyed the film and really enjoyed the story!

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