Friday, 3 April 2015

No time!

New years resolutions that no one keeps... Plans we make but never keep... Same with lists... 
So technology is trying to improve us but sending us nudges and such. My runkeeper app every so often asks me to go running... 

My friend Owen for last few years been set himself a reading challenge. Gosh that boy reads fast... I guess I have an excellent excuse to be a slow reader is that I do read no in my mother tongue! Yes look at me I speak 3 languages... Hahaha! I also find it hard sometimes to be motivated to sit down and read. Lay in the sun and read not to problem reading not in the sun is tricky for me. That's how I read most of books about Tempe Brennan

I got Kindle for Christmas few years back and I love it! Love that I can read in the dark... But now I have issue with time... My little man does not let me read anything else than a kiddie book...On that note I adore Julia Donaldson's books. You know the lady who gave us Gruffalo

 So when everyone on Goodreads was setting new year's challenge of 100 or so books to read this year I did a very realistic but pathetic challenge of 5 books.... Now just to find the charger for my kindle!  

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