Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sunny day out

Don't you just love this gorgeous sunshine we have this week! So wonderful!
Me and little man spend so little time at home, always in the park or meeting friend or just waking around enjoying vitamin D. Well me more then him.

We caught up with Rhian. Went for afternoon tea at Pettirgrew Tearoom to start with. And what a lovely, they even offer scones with fruit or without. 


Gorgeous home-made cakes, beautiful sandwiches and the cutest vintage china... Just so good... and in the sun in the Bute Park.

I love this about Cardiff, you get this nature on your doorstep and in the city centre. Also so some sort of bird muching a fish out of the river... and yes once again in the city centre.

Also check out these beautiful photos Rhian took of little man and me....

 I love the sunshine!! 

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