Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Flower Show

Looking at flowers and wondering around is the best way to spend a day really. 
My mother in law, Egg and I went to RHS Flower Show in Cardiff last weekend. Frankly we didn't know what to expect, 1st time for us, but we really enjoyed it. Edgar slept for the most of it:) 

All the beautiful flowers and plants. They even had a special breed of daffodils called Doctor Who! How cute is that! 
We were clearly amateurs since we didn't have a little wheely box everyone seem to  drag around full of plants! 
Don't think we expected to see such a big crowd! The place was heaving with people some strolling some rushing around. 
They also had a crafty market and a small food market. Some sellers were pushier than others, looking at you Toffee vodka dude, others were really happy to answers all the questions, Yvonne now knows the difference between pierogi and pasty! 
The show even had some stands for kiddies and a small chickens and bunnies to pet! I kind of wanted to steal and owl from the bird sanctuary stand but just stroked it in the end. 
We acquired cacti from a couple wearing cacti waistcoats and I picked up a massive tray of baklava. Yvonne picked up some lettuces' seeds to plant in her garden. 

There are couple of things that put me off a bit.... The fact that I had to pay to print my tickets at home. With other options it just wouldn't work! And that the card machine on sight was charging for a transaction.... That's not cool RHS, Not cool at all! 

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