Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Growing up

One of my friends from high school posted this picture on Facebook

It says "Friends are like stars. You don't see them all the time but they are here" and it's a great sentiment and became really true for me since becoming a mother. I think my friends Marzena and Eva would agree. We all used to work together and had great relationships but since they had their boys we barely see each other. Also the fact that they don't reside in Cardiff but are in smaller towns in South Wales. And I am jealous of their sea views!
Last week very inexpected I got a message from my university friend Lindsey who I haven't seen in years. 
So we met up had a good chat and a coffee. Sadly she lives all the way in Tenby. Once again jealous of the sea views... it was so nice to see her even if only for few hours. 

We both are mothers now and share the same struggles with lack of sleep. Even if we haven't been talking we still have common interests, like making random foods like kimchi and kefir (well I get mine from Continental shops), like raising boys, books we don't have time to read. 
However when I am random pottering around and going back to study she started her own business. So big shout out to The Wildflower Nursery! 

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