Saturday, 26 August 2017

Too much of the good thing

Well it was too good... just too good..
For about a month the little one sleeps through the night and if he does wake up then only for a second. 
And he wakes up about 6.30am and sometime even 7.30... and few days ago he got up at 8.30am! 
I thought we conquered the sleep thing... or did we?

On Friday we went for a long walk in the Bute Park. But we didn't take a usual route we went by the river, there is small foot path there. So Egg could just run ahead of us and be actually totally safe, no bikes around.  

Here he is looking for big stones. 
We got home a bit later then dinner time and pretty much since 5pm until bath at 6.30pm he didn't stop eating and grazing. 
And the next day he was up at 5am... and was up a lot at night. We got him over tired and over fed. 
I thought it was a one off. I hope it's one off. 
Today he woke up at 5min to 5. This is progress right? 
But I am exhausted. There is always so much to do when you are stay at home parent. Even if I went to bed around 10 last night. Yeah I am this rock'n'roll Saturday night I was in bed at 10pm
So what we have learnt. I need sleep! Don't overtire and overfeed your kid before bed.  

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