Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Taking a year off...

Ever since I have discovered I can run I was doing races pretty much every summer. Exception was when we have moved away from Cardiff but even then I still did Surivial of the Fittest in 2013 and Birmingham half the same year. 
Admittedly since Edgar came into our lives I exercise less even ... not at all... I still managed few races and even got the dream time of 10k in 58min. 

Yeah it's a great time for some one who doesn't really take running seriously! 

But this year I felt the pressure to go running. The pressure to do the races. And I didn't feel happy about it. So I maybe run once this year by my self and once with the club. But as for races... I am taking a year off. 
I wouldn't say I am out of shape. We still walk a lot. Thank you Fitbit for keeping me on track. But races are complicated. I need to sign up on time and with enough time to train. Also I want to do as many as I can and can afford. Yes these things cost money. Not much but it all adds up. Also usually races are on Sundays so I need a sitter. And not many people can and will... if before it was just the matter to scoff down some bagels with peanut butter and banana, pin the race bib on and do the race now it is more complicated... I need to arrange very much in advance and I need to work to have disposable income. But mainly a mate to watch Egg. 
So since I have not run much but I still feel the bug I responsibly taking a year off. This won't be enjoyable running, besides toddler needs me still and I need to not stress about running... I have enough stress as it is. 

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