Sunday, 13 August 2017

Life with no washing machine. Rant!

I understand that the thing I am about to rant is a privilege and I really have no right to... but I am super annoyed and well, hope you will learn from my mistake. 

Two and a half weeks ago as I was putting Edgar to bed my washing machine started making this rattle noise that I had to abandon reading Gruffalo and run downstairs... the washing machine drum had pretty much fallen out. 
"Damn", I though! This will cost as much to repair as getting a new one. And we have had it with the house when we bought it... so t was used and actually older model really... 
Only once we didn't have a washing machine, when we loved him Bath. But there was a launderette pretty much next door... and when we had to buy one we went wth Argos, that was on the next street when we lived in Birmingham. 
Hubby convinced me to get a washer dryer in one. I won't dry stuff all the time but sure it will be helpful. And once again I went with Argos.

After the massive disaster with the online payment when my card been charged twice and I had no order number... yes that actually happened. Two phone calls, one to Argos (the lady on the otter side was very apologetic and explained that the money will be retired to me but she couldn't give me any time and frankly wasn't sure why this happened but it did happend before) and to my bank who informed me that matter been resolved and the funds been returned. Thank you bank! I went to the Argos shop. ("Next time use A.O. 2 day delivery," said a helpful memener of staff in my school)... Machine I actually wanted wasn't available but my second choice was there. Lady on the till explained that with in 5 days I will be getting a phone call and 2 hours prior to delivery too. So at latest by next Monday I would be able to wash stuff and not have mount of washing... 
Yeah right! I got a text informing me about the delivery being in 2 weeks time... 
Not a happy bunny I called and asked why. "Oh it was pushed back" why?! They weren't sure. Perhaps it wa s that the item wasn't available... so if this is the case why couldn't I get my 1st choice then... 
At this point I wished I've cancelled my order and looked else where. But I thought I will give them a call back. I have been in touch with Tesco who was much more helpful on the phone and explained the delivery to me. Well it would be the same time. It wasn't worth a hassle.... 
But the milkaholic like to get nuddy in the night and wee in the bed... I need to wash things. We do have enough clothes to last us but not with Egg's bedding. 
Thank you my friend Viera who picked up a load and dropped if back off with me in 2,5 hours. 
And I have been to my local launderette. Peace and quiet all by myself. But yesterday I had to take little one with me. He charmed them all there. But it was difficult. And over this time I have spend anot £50 just on doing laundry... and I have paid for my washing machine... this makes me so mad! 
One good thing, I now I know my neibouhood a bit better. One of the ladies working in the launderette lives around the corner from us. And another lady told me that she has a grand daughter how old she was etc... and she was really praising my little one which we both loved and were ever so grateful. 

Thank you Argos for being so unhelpful! Wasting my money and my rate free time!  And I shall not use your home delivery ever again! 

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