Sunday, 13 August 2017

From free range toddler.. little wins

Raising humans is hard. I guess I never thought it would be easy but I didn't expect my kid to have such strong will and be so vocal about having stuff his own way... yes the same kid that doesn't talk.
Besides trying to get him to talk we also trying to "break" modify his behaviour. And of course he is at his worst with me. Typical. 

Basically I had to always give in to avoid the meltdown. It's easier. Yeah sure my world revolves around him, but I should not be bullied by a three old who thinks running around the trousers around the ankles is so fun and so great! 
Now I tell him no. Or I explain why I do not think jumping into the wall is not safe. It usually resolves in a end of the world yell but he does as I tell him. And more often now he complies without much argument. 
Like last week I was super pleased that he was helping me at launderette without much grouching and getting into trouble. And he didn't want to be these he would just sit in the pram. 
I also can tolerate him yelling, not crying, for much longer. This also means that I can actually do some stuff and don't need to wait for him to be asleep. It's a nice change. 
It's little wins every day. No matter how long. I'm in this war for a long term. 
Just must remember that I am doing it for his own good and my future sanity. I am not very sane now but it will go back I hope. Hubby also hopes to get me back. Apparently I am different since having Egg. But this story is for another day. 

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