Monday, 28 August 2017

Bank holiday. Hot day.

This last bank holiday treated us with some glorious sun and clear sky. And sleeping if you are a toddler is super hard. It's just warm.
Also I really didn't want to do anything so naturally I packed up the swimming stuff we had in the house, bikini for me and trunks for the child (our regular more suitable for pool adventure stuff was at my in laws) along with water wings we heard out for about 40 mins hike to the pool. 
So I naively thought we will be there right after opening time so it should be crowed and surly people would rather go the beach or something. Well we were greeted by this... 

I wanted to run back home and hide. But I thought I shall not be defeated by this and to be fair the queue moved really quickly. Must be some technical difficulty, or something along these lines. 
And pool was fun. Although kid tired to climb all over jacuzzi bit and were whistled at, and he is really strong willed yet totally lost without me. I put him on top the silde telling him I will meet him on the bottom he didn't hear and looked a bit lost... but all is well.
Then he had a cheeky meatballs in Ikea while I had a salad and admired his apetite after an hour long swimming. And of course took some photos 

All was going well and after a nap we went around the block for a scoot 

Well note to self. A tired child who was up early and after the pool will get hot and bothered rather quickly after scooting on the hot afternoon. Some people enjoyed the look of a super mum with a three year old on her shoulders holding legs with one arm while carting a scooter with another. 

All these things seem like a nightmare on the bank holiday. I think they would have been if I didn't have a child to entertain. We were active, we had fun, he had a tantrum or two but so did other kids with their parents. It was busy but I don't care, child and I had fun and that's the most important thing. 

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