Sunday, 2 September 2012

Epic Fail!

I thought it is time to review all that I had planned for this year....My New Year's Resolutions. 
Here is how it's all started I wanted to make this blog venture craft-sport-food-life thingy... 

Let's see....
  • Be a better friend.... 
I know what I meant by this and I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm in touch with most of people I care about and really interested and happy with other people little exciting news from the new car or baby and marriage! 

And the older I get more babies and weddings there are! But hey, I'm still 23! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

One of my girls from school back home got married to a beautiful fighter for animals Damien. 

this is us two like years back... She's now somewhere in Australia me thinks and I'm in UK. 

  • Find a new job
Well I got new one! It's really different to anything I have done before but still in the same industry... 
  • Sent more cards and home-made gifts
Well Failed here... Haven't send girls present this year! bad friend! But I am still making this thing for Maggie's bump... making it very slowly!
  • Cook more (and I don't mean pasta and pesto)
Think I do cook more. It's really more fun when it is for some one who shares my love for couscous... 

But the cereal bar goes down very well!! 

  • Get a flat tummy (reward is a belly button piercing)
Still fat... well not fat but the abs aren't showing! 
  • Run four 10K
I think you are all well aware of the March race fiasco... I still can make two 5K but don't think another 10K will be possible!
  • Pain more (at least 4 decent things in this year)
Still can make this happened! 

  • Go somewhere nice on holidays
Still no passport... with luck I hope I will be able to say I went somewhere else then Manchester, Bristol Zoo and Weston-Super-Mare
  • Sew a dress
Not a slightest idea how I'm going to accomplish this... Might put it into a list of things to do before I am 30 :)
  • Train the rats
Well we have spent over a week feeding one with the spoon nursing a poor thing back to fat normal self... Can I consider this as training?! 
  • Learn to crochet
YES! Granny squares I can do! :)
  • Do meet free Mondays
Bacon... need I say more? But I do love veggie options.... not as often as I supposed to.
  • Go to see live shows more often
Think doing pretty well here... My last post... But definitely going to see one more this year. Got tickets to see funny man Greg Davies!! 
  • Recycle and up-cycle more
Well fail... Mice moved in with us. Not pet mice... 
  • Grow a veg or a fruit
I will say .... I don't have a garden! But I have grown a bunny! Cute one :)

  • Throw a party
Still to come I guess... Perhaps my birthday if I will be bothered this year...
  • Make 2 craft project a month (4 a month is a bit too ambitious) 
Fail fail fail!! Only Mrs Fox been done this year so far I think and that picture.... 

There is definitly still time till the end of the year and a lot of room to improve.... I want to see more bands! It was so much fun!
Also have big plan for beads I got at Afflecks in Manchester.... 
Have you managed to keep up with your resolutions? Are you planning to make some for 2013? Do tell!!! Comment!!! 

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