Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy Place

As a child I was not allowed to do any sports... Nothing! So I couldn't run, play volleyball... I was always skinny in school, young fast metabolism. I miss it a lot!

Then I got older, start eating bad food and discovered alcohol. When I came back from my Swiss studies home I was about 60kg... Trust me for some one with my frame it shows!
So I've joined the gym. I was doing dance classes only, it was great fun! Combine this with no time to eat I dropped a dress size in no time...

Then I moved here to UK. I have joined one gym but didn't have time to go due to my work. I have joined the other gym... Then another gym a small independent gym with awesome classes and went with lovely V. Oh fun we had, working together, gymming together! But their lease run out and they were moving...

I went back to the old gym and was very happy until they decided to improve. It was horrible, stuff everywhere and even less space... I felt like a sardine in the tin!

And now I'm finally happy.... New gym is beautiful! Lots of space, shiny equipment and 10min from home

Also my very small feet are so small that it really hard to find trainers... These are boy's trainers!

Now I'm busy improving my little self! So careful new hot bod under construction! Still hoping to get that tummy flat.. However might not pierce the belly button my current piercing is still healing for 2 months now! 

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