Saturday, 15 September 2012

Oh... Plans I've Made

Remember how after my last race I was going to do lots of things, make stuff, tidy the flay and watch films... My plans were so exciting! 

Well another epic fail! 

Somehow that days just went away from me. 
Me and my friend Owen went to the cinema and beer after....

We saw Lawless... Well he saw it again and me for the 1st time. Before you watch the trailer got to tell you its a bit... well graphic!

It is a very very good film... But I don't think I will be watching it again. Too real! I like to think that the world is full of rainbows and unicorns! This was too real... It's like film with Casey Affleck (coincidently my favourite Affleck brother) Killer inside me. It is a very very good film but too graphic and too real. 

Both of the films a must see... but just be prepared... 

So after this I did not do much... 

I was going to make a make-up bag for Dessy so she can stop walking around with that Hello Kitty one. I was going redesign my old Jack Daniels top which I still have from the bar I used to work for years in. And I was going to make me a sleeping mask so I can stop being a ostrich hiding my head under the pillow... 

I only made these....

Skull beads were bought in Affleck's in Manchester... But annoyingly I cannot wear them to work. Tiny boring earrings are only allowed. 

But on the plus Viera and I went to see Marzena on Monday. She's very pregnant! 

And really did not want to have her picture taken! 
One thing I should really have finished by now is that blanket I started to make for this bump! 

Nothing will ever stop me from making plans. A week off is coming soon so I'm busy thinking of what to do. Hope I will manage to stick with my plans.

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