Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Few More Days Till Cardiff 10K

Only few more days till the race. I'm working till then, well 8 days in the row really. Just like the last year.

This time I am managing to train more, but I still remember how hard this race was last year and how in pain I was after it. Perhaps that's why I do not get super excited about this unlike the Race for Life races!

But the training is going well I guess, I can just leave the house and but out running for an hour or so. Like last night I came home tired from work got dressed into running kit and off I went...

Since the sun was out there where lots of people out running... I also saw a cute squirrel and a magpie eating the blackberry. Last one was like a picture, quiet surreal for some reason.

Also the outdoor fitness guys almost run me over... There I was running listening to music enjoying my self next thing I see lots of people running from the side of me into my path! Oh dear!! 

On the way home I realised that I must have been gone for a while the sun was setting...

Beautiful, isn't it?

I guess I was able to run for so long because I didn't have a route in mind, just went on where I haven't run before. It was a good run!

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