Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Journey to the North... well north parts of the UK

Steve went to Manchester to see Bush... I went to see Manchester, shop and then see Bush... You already know about my highlight... well Bush! I love Bush now...But also I heart Manchester...

Manchester... I want to move to Manchester... 

And I'm saying after staying there only for over 24 hours.... 

It made me think of London, if people in London were nicer, smile at you when walk by and have Manchester accent!

We did not have good weather when we got there.... or the next day... it was sort of like in Wales. But not as humid I guess...
And why does no one travels by canals any more?! It looks like so much more fun then rail...
I saw in there the shoes I want.... They looked .... like heaven.... But out of my price range.... but they did fit my very small feet!

Tiny pub we went after the gig... its under the bridge and has character! I miss character places with indi kids in... Oh god I just said indi kids?!
They want people to sing petition to prevent council in removing this graffiti... well I agree- its art! And rather epic art! 

Me and hubby decided that Cardiff lacks these cool independent places... where did they all go? Or just because we moved out from studenty area it all became chain shops, coffee shops and plane and boring?!

Next day hubby took me shopping to Afflecks where I finally got the replacement for my old khaki jacket. It's vintage with bleach stains and might need some patching soon. But its amazing and I love it... don't care if it is a bit big in the cuff area! 

Afflecks is like Camden but smaller and feels like home... with their cool shops around the palace itself.

Then it was lunch time... before we knew it... all I could think of is.. food. Man kind of food...I really wanted to eat something meaty! We stumble on Alchemist... Oh it was beautiful! 

How in style is that?
Steve's lamb tagine was so good I have even decide that I like lamb after it. I had a burger... it was pink... like meat should be served! (no wonder I failed my meet free Monday resolution)
And there is always time for a cocktail.... 

This is a booze free beauty with grapes, elderflower and something else equally delicious

I had breakfast at Tiffany's... Since I always wanted one, just like Audrey... But in mine I had Bombay, Cointreau, orange marmalade and some lime juice... 
It was amazing few days! 
Manchester! I <3 you!

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