Monday, 10 September 2012

What did you do today? Well I ran 10K!!

I did it!! Don't know the official time but it was not too good. My last 10K I did in 63min, this one looks like same time as last year 66 mins and a bit. Well but I do not want to die after it....

It was a very hard road race... My knees are bit funny right now. The sun was out and it got hot on the 5km.
Runners are amazing people! Supporters were great too, well I guess it was 3000 runners and most of us have a least one person to cheer for us.
I had with me 4 people and a dog! Lovely Claire-bear and Jess with sausage dog Ruby came over to cheer for me and Annalie! Dessy popped over before work to take picture of me in with my running number on... And she said that she only wants pretty pictures of me, not the sweaty ones! She makes me laugh every time! Darling you are a very special friend!

Runner couple were hi-fiving next to every kilometre. It was so cute! They look proud of being a part of a race and challenging themselves.

Before the race actually stared all 3000 runners did Usain Bolt's bolt:) It was so funny, set the right tone to my run as well.

This year organisers did not forget about the water station. Little kiddies were giving bottles of water...

The support was amazing! So many people standing there clapping and cheering... Some girls were doing the bolts at them, so funny. Partners running up to their runners hi-fiving and giving them water... Such a wonderful experience.

Also because it was so hot a lot of men with no tops on... ans they were actually men candy fit!
Almost walked in into one of them looking for my guys :)

It was so nice to see my guys at the finish waving and clapping:) Thank you for your support!:)

I finally chucked my water bottle... it went flying... sorry bin people but I couldn't carry it any longer! It the battle with me and my water bottle every single race. This time bottle lost...

 Had a well deserved pint of cider after ..

And my medal display looks awesome!

Next stop is Movember run! Dash in the tash here we come!

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