Thursday, 30 August 2012

Live Events

Well it was one of the points on my resolutions list is to see more live events... theatre, gigs, comedy shows... anything really.

So far this year we have been to see amazing Billy Connelly. It was mother in law's Christmas present, we all had tickets! he was so amazing, non stop with no support act for over 2 and a half hours. He was just soo funny!! I was also very amused to see (rather hear) him in Brave cartoon!

from this web site. Also there is a short review... check it out! And go to see it! Super cute!

Then as a Christmas present I got tickets to see amazing Imelda May. Also this event is known as my 1st gig ever. All very proper, sitting down in St. David's Hall in Cardiff. She was very preggers but nothing would have stopped her to rock on stage in these massive heels! 

And then it was a present from my manager tickets to see Mumford and Sons... I have blogged about this already
According to husband it was not a real gig, good but not real! 
Well yesterday in the morning we set to go to Manchester, train took almost forever... To see bush... 
Have you heard of Bush? Do you like Bush? 

Right now... I'm in love!! Gavin is amazing!! 
Stay tuned!

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