Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summer in the city

Hot town summer in the city.... Know the song??

Well I can tell you it is not about Cardiff. I truly miss heat and cold of air cons... I want to go on holidays somewhere where I can soak up as much vitamin D as I can, drink, swim, and maybe dance.... and eat sea food...

But the home office has different plans for us this summer... We haven't seen our passports since January. I am changing my visa status and it takes a lot of time. So here we are...

Most of hot few days we had I was at work... My uniform is jeans and long sleeved shirt.... or we got together and got the park! 

Mum keeps complaining how hot it is back home... but here the heat is different, its moist and very uncomfortable in jeans! think in total we had only about 2 weeks in space of 3 months of summer when we had heat sun.... I need a holiday?

At the moment we are watching the Olympic closing ceremony.... Don't think I have seen one before... on TV I mean... nothing too exciting like that just yet!

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