Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Girls Day Out....

Catering and hospitality is a different world. We all drink, eat junk, socialise with others on weekdays or Sunday nights... If your friends don't work in catering chances are you don't really see them.

Most of my friends are people I worked with at some point in life. We do not work together any more so it is hard to get to spend time together. But we manage to meet up at least once a month with some of them. 

This time it was just me and Dessy. Oh we went shopping and didn't buy anything, that passive shoppaholic thing... Then we went for food to this new Cuban place... Very mexican food. Home made salsas, tortillas! It was nice. The pineapple and chilly salsa is to die for!

Then we always should have wine... 

We ended the evening with trip to cinema. I finally got to see Magic Mike... You know the one about male strippers... 

And it was as I expected... plot was a bit.. well not very good. Some questionable acting but it was entertaining if you are into semi nude men.... And Matthew McConaughey is very nice with no top on. Also the big bad woof Joe Manganiello... Well men candy film. As Dessy put it, too much plot and not enough stripping! I think I must agree.
The day was just great!!

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