Friday, 10 August 2012

Oh cinema...

Nothing beats watching the film on the big screen of the cinema... As you know I have this special card that allows me to see as many films as I want! 

Well me and hubby saw The Amazing Spiderman... Oh I thought it was very good, entertaining and so much better then the other spiderman film. Emma Stone was lovely also Andrew Garfield is funny, he seemed very good hero type one can sympathise with. Haven't seen it? Watch it. It is entertaining. Husband didn't like it!

And then we went to see Ted... Oh Seth MacFarlane... All I could see is cross between American Dad and Family Guy. But it was very funny! Mila Kunis is lovely!! 

So in the end I have treated my self to the men candy ... the genius of Chris Nolan. Dark Knight Rises... 
I do like my men candy... Lots and lots of it! Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy and Sir Michael Caine. 

Also fantastic Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotilliard! 
The film left and open ending... I wonder if they will be making another one. I guess there is a potential for it. I would very much like that. 

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