Saturday, 18 August 2012

Only 3 weeks till 10K

Well I am being lazy and do not think I am training enough. Definitely not enough if to compare to Annalie... She is doing a real training, runs for miles with better timing each time. Her fiancée runs a running club so he supervises her workouts... and my husband works all the time and does not want to go for a run with me... 

Last year the Cardiff 10K was super hard on me. I was stressed at work and actually didn't have any energy for anything. I did not pace well and got a stitch on the 3rd K... it was terrible! My knees were killing... and there were a lot of smelly men running next to you :) 

Well this was after the race.... 

Next day I could barely move... 
However this year I do know what I am up against... Horrible race with the hill at the end! But I am looking forward to it. I will not let this race to beat me!
Besides I have so much space on this 

Yeah I finally got a cool thing to display my medals from this cool Etsy shop York Sign Shop
Let's all get together and train!! 

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