Thursday, 2 August 2012

summer of sport..

Well as we all know its Olympics time! Everything is very exciting... Here in Cardiff we only got bits of football both girls and boys. 

But it's a very special atmosphere... and super busy at work. 

I also singed up for the next race... it will be another 10k, despite what my friend Nora says I do not feel fit enough to do half marathon. A girl from work doing it too... but she is like super fit, don't think I will be able to outrun her. 

Husband finally agreed do go for a run with me. We will be doing 10k together for Movember. 
Well after our run around the park we have discovered that he cannot pace (well it took me almost a year to learn to pace myself) and that he is rather unfit. But training together we can do it!! 
Wonder how his legs are feeling today, he was complaining all day yesterday!:)
But it was really good to run with him, I'm sure together we can train better and do a marathon! .. one day

Speaking of Olympics... There were a lot of Mexicans in town last night. I saw the girl who had her face painted like sugar skull! Very cool!! 
Also the winner of Judo gold medal Mansur Isaev actually from my home town! Go Chelyabinsk! 

Also my friend of mine has a friend who plays for US women's football team... Yes football not soccer!
A lot of cool Olympic related fun facts!

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