Friday, 31 August 2012

Everything Zen...

According to my lovely hubby this was my very 1st real gig. For me it was a happy place. Happy loud place! It has been now 2 days but I'm still dazed and remembering bits. 

But let's start from the beginning... I never been that far north in UK. It was rather exciting to go away for a bit, see new places. To see Bush I was not as excited as my hubby, he was counting hours all day long, for me it was a bonus. Things to have to suffer for love :)

Having a drink in the pub across from the Academy I could easily spot people who were going to the gig. Somehow you just know... They all had this hard rocking amigo look about them!
People in the queue are all so different! If you saw my tweets you know what I mean. Hubby actually talks to strangers, just like me:) 1st guys we talked to went to the same gig about 12 years ago in Newport Leisure Centre as Steve did... we met them in Manchester and they are from Birmingham... There were people with grey hair in their 60s in the queue for the same event as a dude who didn't start shaving yet... How amazing is that! 

How cool be to with grey hair being all serious and go to see loud bands?! I want be like this when I will eventually grow up... (like that gonna happen any time soon! :)

Hubby was super excited! Even asked me to take a picture of him with the ticket...

Support band was Bluebell... And they were amazing! Annabel Jones was really rocking it.... do buy thier songs on iTunes!!  

And then after a little wait... BUSH!!! 

Hubby looked so happy in his natural habitat... Made me wonder what was he like as a teen? 

And OMG! (for Oh My Gavin of course)

In the queue in the ladies over heard of girls talking that some one commented on her facebook pictures that its a bit boring... then she said: "well... Gavin this side, that side, with hair up with hair down... " 

I have to agree he is one beautiful man... Yes a major men candy alert!! Even my hubby agrees... 

It was one amazing experience... Energy coming from the band was amazing. Hubby had to lift me up so I can see Gav laying on the floor playing his guitar.... He also runs into the front rows to play his guitar close to people... 

The entire venue singing along to every song... We amazing cover of Come together... real fun! 

Glycerine was sang by the crowd... 

"we live in a wheel 
where everyone steals 
but when we rise it's like strawberry fields" 

The whole thing is really hard to put into worlds... How do you describe the feeling?? 
I really don't want this super exited feeling to end. Who are we going to see next I wonder...

P.S. apologies about pictures' quality... taking with Iphone or Ipod... I need a real camera me thinks! 

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