Monday, 30 March 2015

Window shopping

It has been raining so when trying to avoid the rain and things I would walk around the shops every so often.... and did some window shopping! Here is what I found!
Why do these bunny and chicks things look so damn cute!!

or little piggies? By the way have you been to Tiger shop in Cardiff? I love that place!

I didn't know I need all these things... well I supposed I don't actually need these things... but aren't they pretty!
This window at John Lewis is just dreamy! Want to have one of these for Sir Poops-a-Lot!
and one have to prepare for the rugby world cup!! 

But I did actually get myself a present. I spotted these in My Little World magazine from awesome My little box. In case you can't see these are beans...bean patterned leggings. How cute are these? Got them from White Pepper. Very cool website with fun clothes, and I got the 10% off from my 1st order. Got to love the discount. Not sure however what to wear them with but hey beans on my legs!! Oh and the packaging was so cute with little polka dots all over it!

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