Saturday, 21 March 2015


I went to see Home... The trailer for it looked ever so cute. Dancing alien, dancing purple alien!!!

I didn't really pay much attention to the trailer to be perfectly honest and did not know much about the film. I was pleased that they didn't put every funny moment into the trailer. However it took me forever to pinpoint the voices... 
Jim Parsons is fab and most people knows him as Sheldon Cooper. I love The Big Bang, even Milky Boy has a Bazzinga onesie. However his O character seems rather like Sheldon Cooper... but alien! I understand that the alien is written this way, but in a way seems that Mr Parsons been cast for his fame is Sheldon! But saying that I know that kids never seen BBT would enjoy Home! 
Watching the movie all I could think of is why is there so much Rhianna songs... Then it hit me. Oh she is doing the voice for Tip. Don't know what the writer of this firm smoked to name his leading character Gratuity!!! 
Yeah, I don't care for Rhianna... But I don't mind. She did a good voice. 

But the movie is very enjoyable. I'm certain that Edgar will enjoy it later in life as much if not more than I did. It is a good story teaches all the correct things. But one should not go to a Boov party or eat Van Gough! 
Take your mini me to the cinema! Home is cute and you will enjoy it too!

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