Monday, 16 March 2015


I always was intrigued by decoupage. And I used to think it is a hard craft. I suppose everything is hard when you don't know... 

So with Eggy man going to sleep at 7pm I have evening to do things. This time I finally crafted something.

So I picked up this plate in charity shop ages ago. I needed a key bowl. 

Since then I found a much cooler and prettier glass and actually singed one so this one was going for the bin. And thought came to me, maybe I can do something with it. Make it more.... je ne sais quoi! 
I actually had to get it out of the bin. My own bin, don't freak I wasn't dumpster diving or anything... 

I have started by just painting it all black with acrylic paint, so it looked less African revival, but there is nothing I could do with little ridges. But hey it's my 1st time up-cycling. Then I couldn't find my massive jar of PVA glue, drama with moving and still unpacking! But thanks crafts for Tiger shop. Have you not been to one? It's Scandinavian goodness of things you did not know you needed like a wire basket shaped like a diamond! And also a decoupage glue. Next question would be what to decoupage with.... oh decisions! Then I had a lightbulb moment.... 
The Christmas box I got from Birchbox, remember this post

It came with instructions booklet with the same shiny stones design.... 
Here is the finished product!

And please meet my new lip balm bowl. Yes, it's a thing now. Well I tend to lose, misplace them and never use them and have dry lips. Also this idea, to keep things out in the open came from lovely and frankly my very favourite Red magazine.  

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