Thursday, 19 March 2015

Food glorious food!

Superfoods.... well I also got excited about quinoa and kale... 

Although quinoa might be a bit boring. Frankly I am not very sure what to do with it but trial and error I guess. 

First things first, as you know I am a big fan of Kym Non-Stop... and that girl loves kale! Here is a video to prove it. It's just too funny!

I have massaged some kale... and made a fun salad. I loved it, hubby not so much. 

To make my fun and healthy salad you will need
Smoked Mackerel
Half a bulb of Fennel (medium size)
Cooked and cold quinoa
Some seeds for crunch
Olive Oil 

Massage some kale with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. It will make it tender and lovely. Just watch out if you have any cuts on the hands. It'll sting!! Chop up the fennel. Peel and cup up orange. Flake the mackerel. 
Now assemble this bad boy. I have layered all the ingredients starting with quinoa, kale, fennel, orange, mackerel and sprinkle some seeds. You can always squeeze some more lemon juice if you prefer. 

Do try. It is healthy! And really filling. 

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