Wednesday, 25 March 2015

love for random chatter

There are so many social media platforms out there.... Like waaay too much. And to keep up with these you will need to have so much free time, perhaps what's why my Pinterest account haven't been updated in months of not years. I actually didn't really get the whole Pinteresnt idea. Just seem like bit too much.... Love the pretty pictures, I guess that's' why I am Instagram obsessed!!

Nothing can stop me from Instagraming. Even my baby boy, he is the main theme of my instagram at the moment. So want to see more of handsome little man or more of everyday life follow me on it @verysmallfeet. Wonder if I can copywirte this name?....

However I want to talk about YouTube. The surprising thing I didn't actually know that YouTube is only 10 years old! Mad right, feels like it's been thee forever! I have subscribed to lots of variety of channels, from cooking to crafting. And I love how one can always find a tutorial for pretty much anything. I did my wedding make up after learning it on YouTube channel. 
I found it super useful for when I was preparing for Edgar to arrive, like packing your bag and things. Although there are some graphic videos about child birth and most of hospital bags video were American vloggers based so didn't really worked for me all the way but at least I got the idea!
I love how after looking for a bit I can find cartoons for Edgar same ones as I watched growing up in Russia. Or my very favourite Sailor Moon!! 
I love watching Mr Kate, love how cookie she is.

I also want all or most of her shoe collection! 
 I love love love Kym Non Stop  as I have been mentioning all the time.
 Love Martha Stuart network, guess coz we really don't the her much here in UK. And with Fab Life becoming just Mary Elizabeth, I actually enjoying it a little bit more:) 

But I don't get much of the beauty vloggers and all of their hauls... I mean one or two might be fun to watch... But really?! I supposed I not their ragwort audience.... I think I should stick  to funny cats and BabyBellyKelli, her videos some how I can relate to.... And she is grown up. 
Saying that I truly admire Zoella and what she has a give in her tender age, but I don't see how she is a celebrity.... Might read her book, it is a very curious subject after all! 
oh have a look on my profile for what people I am watching in YouTube. Maybe you would like them too! 
And something I have recently discovered and a big fan of are podcasts. I walk with little man every day and for over one hour at least and sometimes I do not feel like music, I want banter. 
My favourite are No such Thing as a Fish from QI elves! These are guys do the most random facts ever, and very funny. Answer me this! a bit similar but these guys are dealing with actual questions from listeners and my 1st podcast love is Wittertainment. Which is not really about the films but these are also covered. 
There is so much to see and listen to... However I chose wisely, podcast must be fun and educational in a way. And videos should be inspiring... but don't forget there is always time for funny cats!

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