Friday, 20 March 2015

This Sunday

Some Sundays are for chilling in your PJ... but this Sunday I am doing the my very 1st race in over a year! I am super pumped!! 

It is a 5K run for Stroke association, and even if I am not fundraising I am however raising the awareness. I only tend to run for a good cause. 

Speaking of good cause, I have actually agreed to walk the three peak challenge... This time it is actually close to home, since it is in support of Lupus charity and one of our friends is in need of more research on this disease to hopefully improve her life! 

I am aiming at 30 min mark at this 5K. Not pushing my self too hard, even if I can run 5K with ease now. I do not think I am fit enough to beat my old PB on that one of 28mins. In fact I do not normally do 5K... I have literally signed up to do this on Monday and the race day is Sunday. Koodos to the organisers, got my race pack today! 

I didn't actually know there was a run on. Only by chance that I saw the banner advertising it in the Bute Park on the walk with Mr Yells-a-Lot. Shame they didn't advertise much, if you think how much publicity Race for Life gets! But then again perhaps they did I just did not look. I really must keep my eye on Find a Race! 

I have big plans run/race wise this year with extra activities like Three Peak and Survival. I cannot actually afford the gym, or have time for a gym, got to burn these calories the free way. 

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